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Like, but every time I look at it I will wonder how she pulls that sword.


The Coolest Airship Pictures You've Ever Seen

Airship  Mesmerizing art

The Airship: A Musical Farce Comedy - poster from 1898 #Steampunk Alfred Egerton Cooper. Rigid 26. IWM. He served in The Artists Rifles.

Modern Day Santa, circa First World War.... Flying OVER the battlefields to get to the French kids!

Popular Science - January 1923 - the website has some wonderful steampunk-like images! "How Pulp Science Fiction Cover Art Got Its Sense of Wonder...."

LTA, AIRSHIPS, USA  U.S. NAVY, ZR-3 LOS ANGELES (LZ 126) by, via Flickr

In an alternate universe, our skies are filled with floating ships that look like they'd be as comfortable in the oceans as in the air. We've collected some truly stunning illustrations of airships from worlds not unlike our own.

Sky Gate by on @deviantART

Vintage-style imaginary space tourism posters by Steve Thomas, inspired by the WPA posters from the golden age of travel[[[...maybe an escapist - or a conqueror - dreams of flying... what am I called if I dream of floating? ]]]

Airship, Los Angeles, wind lift incident.On 25 August 1927, while the Los Angeles was tethered at the Lakehurst high mast, a gust of wind caught her tail and lifted it into colder, denser air that was just above the airship. This caused the tail to lift higher. The crew on board tried to compensate by climbing up the keel toward the rising tail, but could not stop the ship from reaching an angle of 85 degrees, before it finally descended. It was able to fly the next day.

contentimus:    Contentimus

Airship. #steampunk #airship #steampunkart


I love how epic dieselpunk can look.

Nach Tibet by *Waldemar-Kazak on deviantART

Navarean airships are more colorful than this. ________________________________concept ships: Spaceships by Xiaohui Hu

Комендантский час

Another skyship/cannon

Van Daemon's Town by ~tycarey on deviantART

Pulp Adventure by Christopher Appel

~Burning Clouds by Kureiyah on deviantART

Artist: Zach Bush.



#steampunk battleship ~ by carguin    Ohhh... "battle"ship... I guess I misread that as "cruise liner!"

1901. Viewing the Santos-Dumont airship from the Eiffel Tower.

Aerodreadnought Squadron by ColorCopyCenter on deviantART

R101 on mooring mast

xenophone:  art-and-fury: The Sentry 2013 by Francis Livingston see more of Francis Livingston’s artwork here

roseonplanetq:  Illustration by Roy G. Krenkel.

“La Vie Électrique” by Albert Robida, 1890 - Retronaut

Steampunk illustrations by Andrew Forrester, via Behance

The Art Of Animation

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