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Ктулху великий и ужасный, а также по 400 рублей и в расфасовке

My Little Cthulhu:


рун.жж.рф - Любимые вселенные: Лавкрафтщина:




Elder god Zoidberg:

Cthulhu #Cthulhu:

Lovecraft was deep:



Chtulhu Family:

рун.жж.рф - Любимые вселенные: Лавкрафтщина:

рун.жж.рф - Любимые вселенные: Лавкрафтщина:

Steampunk Cthulhu Mask straight outta H.P. Lovecraft - Nautical giant squid leather mask with brass rivets, lenses, giant tentacles  apparently IN STOCK!:

Творчество: Echo Chernik | Absinthe Cthulhu!:


Ms. Innsmouth 1974 by on @deviantART:

Call Cthulhu by Letter-Q:

Cthulhu approves:

Cthulhu for President.  Why choose the lesser evil?:

Dwaa. Baby Cthulhu looks so happy with his floaty bath toy. He could snuggle and huggle it all night long. This amazing madness is by American artist Psithyrus, also known as Blair Sampson, and is one of many reasons why you should check the sci-fi and fantasy fan’s Deviant Art gallery out.:


Found on via Tumblr:

The might of Cthulhu:

Cthulhu Tequila:

Cthulhu Resort at Rlyeh:

fantasy work humor cthulhu boss office hp lovecraft photomanipulations 1280x1024 wallpaper:

"Cookie Cthulhu" 12x24 Archival Print:
"Strawberry Ice Cream Cthulhu" 12x24 Archival Print: "Chocolate Ice Cream Cthulhu" 12x24 Archival Print: "Vanilla Ice Cream Cthulhu" 12x24 Archival Print:
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