belash_family (belash_family) wrote,

Марсианские треножники (3)


War of the Worlds (H.G. Wells):

War of the worlds by corndoggy #waroftheworlds #tripods #martians #aliens #scifi #sciencefiction:

Martian Fighting Machine by Michael Grote:

Martian War Machine - Targete:

"Martian machines stalk the land in H G Wells's 'The War of the Worlds." Modern Children's Library of Knowledge, 1957:

The War of The Worlds:

The Martians Emerge:

Ovnis: The War of the Worlds:

The war Of The Worlds by H.G. Wells (1910): War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells                   FIC WELLS, H. G. |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|:

GLENAT, 2008, French  Cover by Alain Zibel    Courtesy of Johan Groenewold: Kaplan, Test Prep, 2006, English  Cover by Greg Coupland    Courtesy of John S. Partington:

Tags: martian tripods, sf, иллюстрации

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